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Fighting For Freedom

Giving A Voice To Youth

Politics for the Next Generation
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Calling all young people! This community is for those who have a stance and want to share it. Have a problem with the government? Then share it! All opinions are welcome. Liberal, conservative, democrat, and republican. Just speak the truth and respect others. So for all those who believe that us teenagers have no opinion, now is the time to show them. This will be a forum for discussion and news from all over the spectrum. At this time of great political unrest, we should have a voice. So let's get together and speak as one united front! We are the next generation and we DO have the power to influence the world in which we live.

The Rules:
1: Respect all opinions. There will be no fighting like children. Let's save that for the adults. Any one who does threaten and/or insult someone else personally will have to face expulsion.
2: Be truthful and honest about what you feel. You will not be forced to say anything you don't want.
3: Help the community with any political news with objectivity. Also if at all possible, alert community to any rallies or meetings in the areas.
4: Do not limit yourself. This is not just about the race for the presidency. This is about all government offices, big OR small. It will be valued.
5: Rants are allowed! Rant until you run out of breath! Go ahead.
6: Have fun! Don't feel as though you must take yourself so seriously!

Current Moderator: theicequeen06