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another for the chopping block please

alrighty then hi I'm sarah... the other mod. just posting to say hi and that I hope this turns into a really interesting thing.... so here is a little bit about myself

Name: Sarah Mcbryde Gray
Age: 16
Political Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
How You Get Your News: PSB, CCB, BBC, CNN, and I watch FOX just for fun
Brief History (optional): I'm actually half American/ half canadain so some time I don't feel like I have the exact right to give an oppinion but I will when I feel like I can. like most people I have a growing dislike for bush... he's run amuck the country that I live in and messed around with my way of live.
I also would like that quote a really nice teacher that said "no child left behind, no teacher left standing" and I believe that, someone just needs to give bush a swift kick in the arse

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