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well what he do that for, eh?

Sarah here reporting from Canada... I just thought I would give everyone the point of view of the election from a different country.

so Tuesday night, I couldn't find anything on the election except for on channel which was in French so I slightly scratched by with the translation, but I found out that most states had gone where they were predicted to go... blah blah blah blah blah...

then I wake up the next morning at 11 and I found out Kerry had conceded... now this was on all of the news channels in both languages
BUT the canadians KNEW BEFORE HAND why he did it
he didn't want a legal battle because that would have come out if someone said the ballots where counted wrong... AND he didn't want to divide the country even more so republicans against democrats can be a little nasty plus when the numbers all added up... he wouldn't have won anyways...

anyways... gas here is 87.9 cents per Liter which equats out it about 2.50 per gallon...I think

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