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I know everything's tough but come on

ok so I went to texas...
lets just say it's horrible right now

the ecomony is horrible and the number of people who graduated from coranado high school [el paso, texas high school] was 105...
also... no affence to any mexicans
but white and black people are the minority
and the mexican's are really racists [which I know is something you don't normal here in this case but they are]
so here's the blow by blow

I get off the plane... and I'm already getting looks because I have a kerry/ edwards sticker on my backpack
[it's a bumper sticker so it was pretty big]
plus El Paso [also know as El Crapo] is a republican city
and even the family that I was staying with asked me to pull off the sticker becuase they where scared something would happen [I guess there's a republican gang out there in El Paso or something... hahaha, I don't see why this would matter]
also the family I was staying with was originally from boston, mass. and where democratic...

but anyways
I went to school there for a day [shadowing my friend]
and boy... would you believe the type of shit people get for being white in a largly hispanic school.

the gas price
are you ready for this
1.65 and falling
and wrong that's what I have to say to it

well... that's all I got
your mod
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